That’s what you said

If you’re going to the Preakness tomorrow and don’t overhear something funny, you’re doing it wrong. 

From the infield, to the grandstand, to the corporate village, the number of quotable moments rivals the sea of litter revelers will leave for workers the morning after. 

Since you’re here, we know you’ll be doing it right. When you do hear or see something funny, add it to this blog by emailing quotes and pictures to

We’ll be posting submissions through Preakness Day. So, join us tomorrow in doing what Baltimore does best: laughing at itself. 

Sun Talk: What’s your most ridiculous Preakness story?*

*That we can publish.

Everybody who’s been seems to have at least one. We’ll highlight some of the best in a future post. 

If you have a story we can’t publish, flag us down on Saturday. Given all we’ve seen, it’s pretty hard to make us blush.

Caption This! Oh horsey…

From the Sun archives: Strike the Gold nibbles on a cardboard cut out of Queen Elizabeth II, at the Preakness barn Wednesday morning. May 1991.

Doesn’t all this horse talk make you want to watch an episode of Mr. Ed?

Here’s a full episode of Mr. Ed meets Clint Eastwood. 

I’ll Have Another, Kentucky Derby winner and tweeter

I’ll Have Another is the latest horse to jump on the Twitter bandwagon. His handle is @Ill_HaveAnother.

Here are some of his most recent tweets. 

  • I would love to say I was that clever, but nope just a horse with a goal. Next 3,000 than the world.
  •  tossing a ball in Baltimore for Orioles  tossing in Los Angeles for Dodgers. Where can I toss a horse shoe?
  •  Can’t miss where the Surf Meets the Turf, what is it 70 days until the madness descends upon Del Mar? Can I sing with Bing?
  •  Well without her I wouldn’t be here. Gotta give props to Mom raising me.  
  • I think I need to call 1-800-Flowers for my Dam on Mothers Day and send her some roses too!  
  • So do you think I can get 2,000 before the sun goes down today. I am all about goal setting. Plus  is busy trying to be Kegasus
  • You know you’ve made it when  is tweeting about you. 
  •  Service is great, wood shavings as requested. I would ask for green M & M’s like the rockstars do, but want to stay humble
  • Here is a photo of me watching the inflight movie…..War Horse…. I cried.  
  •  My companion is the great  who earned over $ 5mil during racing. I call him Coach. 

*Note: (@IamLavaMan is a fellow horse)