It’s a great day to be an American
Mike Bauman, 22, who came from St. Joseph, Mich., to meet up with some of his University of Michigan buddies at Preakness 2011
Overheard at the Preakness

Who says comedy is hard? Without even trying, you contributed the below gems to last year’s Overheard at the Preakness feature and made us LOL several times. Yeah, that was us. (Someone at the betting windows told us we have a “horse laugh.” Not sure whether that was a joke.)

Awkward laugh and all, we’ll have our ears open again May 19. But, Preakness-goers have more than 100,000 mouths. 

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Like your teacher said: We all want to laugh, too.   

As promised, here are some of last year’s highlights:

  • “This is the only horse I’ve seen all day.”
    — infield fan with horse head costume
  • “Either way, it’s time to accelerate your drinking consumption significantly!”
    Black-eyed Susan vendor’s Rapture-inspired sales pitch
  • “Where’s the ice cream stand?”
    big, heavily tatooed guy to usher
  • “Yankees suck!”
    — group marching through infield tunnel (chanting) 
  • “Hold on, I wanna place my bets before I get too drunk.”
  • “Got any betting tips?” / “Yeah, don’t bet.”
    Overheard after a photo finish