How has the Preakness infield’s reputation changed?

Well, a University of Maryland senior told us she thought Preakness was a music festival — not the second leg of the Triple Crown or the center of debauchery.

One more air guitar extraordinaire

Which “Air Guitarist” from the Preakness InField Fest is your favorite?

Air guitar at Preakness.

More air guitar from Preakness InField. 

That’s what you said

If you’re going to the Preakness tomorrow and don’t overhear something funny, you’re doing it wrong. 

From the infield, to the grandstand, to the corporate village, the number of quotable moments rivals the sea of litter revelers will leave for workers the morning after. 

Since you’re here, we know you’ll be doing it right. When you do hear or see something funny, add it to this blog by emailing quotes and pictures to

We’ll be posting submissions through Preakness Day. So, join us tomorrow in doing what Baltimore does best: laughing at itself. 

You certainly look cool…

… “Thanks, you don’t look so hot yourself.” (Sorry, Yogi Berra quote. Couldn’t help it.)

If you like your Preaknesses hot or muddy, this year might not be your year. The forecast calls for a clear, under 80-degree race day. 

This time, the meteorological records, at least, appear safe.  

The hottest Preakness of the past 30 years was 1998, when the mercury hit 90. 

The coolest came five years later. In 2003, it barely got above 53. 

We couldn’t find any record keepers of mud volume, but 2005 has to be a contender.


Just practicing our umpire call. Slip and slide through a waterfall of beer at your own risk. 

Sun Preakness 2012 section

Eight? Great…

These revelers called their drinking device the “octopus.”

Sun Preakness 2012 section

There’s Waldo!

To beat the heat at Preakness, he’s uncharacteristically wearing a white T-shirt. Do you see him?

Sun Preakness 2012 section

Sun Talk: What’s your most ridiculous Preakness story?*

*That we can publish.

Everybody who’s been seems to have at least one. We’ll highlight some of the best in a future post. 

If you have a story we can’t publish, flag us down on Saturday. Given all we’ve seen, it’s pretty hard to make us blush.


Love him or hate him, Kegasus is back for another Preakness. Let us know if you see any sign of his brother.

Sun Preakness 2012 section

Little strong

Shoulda used your re-rack.

Sun Preakness 2012 section

Dance, dance

If you cheer loud enough, we’ll post the animated GIF version.

Sun Preakness 2012 section

Girls and boys of summer